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    Will I lose muscle?

    Hey bros! I'm going to be taking T3 and Clen . I've heard if you take it without gear you will lose a lot of muscle, is this true? And how much muscle we talkin about? I hope it isnt because I already have the Clen and Cytomel and don't have much cash for gear. If gear is absolutely needed is there a cheap solution? I am going to be taking them for six weeks with an NYC stack. Thank you in advance for your suggestions and advise.


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    It is a definite bro. You will lose muscle. How much muscle I cannot tell you, I don't even know your stats. Even if I did I still couldn't, but I can tell you that it will probably be enough of a loss to be worth waiting to get some test.

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    Fina would be a better choice in preserving muscle mass, but it really depends on how much T3 you plan on using. There is no need IMO to go above 75mcg and if you do watch your muscle dissapear unless your on a shit load of gear...GH, Primo, Fina, Test.

    here's an informative thread on the subject.

    go here
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    I agree, you will probably lose a little bit of muscle, but if you're not taking gear, try to keep your protein as a high as possible.

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