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    Injection, cycle ???

    Im starting my first cycle this week Oct 21 :-)
    Week 1-10 Test Enth. 500mg per week (Galenika Brand)
    Week 1-4 D-bol 35mg e/d (Naps)
    Novl on hand and Clomid 2 weeks after last shot of Test

    Ok heres the question, do I wanta inject 250mg twice a week or all 500mg once a week? Next question, Whens the best time to inject? Like after work out or before I head to bed?.... One last question, I wanta run Deca , can I start it like week 2 and run it till week 10?.. cause I cant get my hands on till lata... ( want to finish cycle before the end of the year)

    let me know guys, this forum kicks major a** cause Im starting to learn alot from all you guys...

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    Most guys will recomend to shoot 250mg twice a week, as it just garantee's blood levels will stay as level as possible..

    Yes running the Deca for 8-9 weeks would be alright, but i would personally hold off the start of the cycle untill you have the deca, just to make sure u 100% get it, and the start then both from week 1...


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    If your cycle is gonna be just the ICN's and D-bol just shoot it all in one shot... Enanthate has around a 7-10 day half life so all you need in one shot a week... Blood levels will still stay stable with enanthate injected once a week...

    Why stick yourself more then you have to unless you enjoy it?
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