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    Talking a little help with this stack please.

    hey whats up guys...i was wondering what any experienced people would think about this.....stack with sust and d-bols with a cycle of clomid of coarse.....4 week cycle of sust(250mg,500mg,500mg,250mg) including 4 weeks of d-bol(25mg/day)...end with the clomid...expecting to gain about 5'10 225lbs 7% body fat work out everyday good diet...this is my 4th cycle but ive been off for about a year due to shoulder injury. any help or comments would be appreciated.

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    You will need to run the sust at least 8weeks to get anything out of it. It doesn't usually kick in until week 4. Also run it at 500mg/ew all the way through, no need to pyramid. The Dbol would kick it off nicely in the beginning.


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    you need to take the sust for 8-12 weeks for it to do any good. I would say do this.

    Sust weeks 1-10 @ 500mg pers week
    d-bol weeks 1-4 @ 30mg ed
    clomid and have anti-E on hand.

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    I think adding deca or eq to the stack if you just run the sust by its self after week 4 you probably wont be very happy. Dont pyramid the sust it kinda tappers off itself due to the unique test blend. Good luck.

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