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    Question Too much for a first cycle

    I already have all the gear I ever wanted...
    Thinkin doing my first cycle like this
    (This too strong for a first cycle?)
    Week 1-10 Test Enth. 500mg
    Week 1-10 Deca 200mg (or 400mg)
    Week 1-4 D-Bol @ 30mg a day
    Clomid Post cycle and Nolva on hand

    Memeber this is my first cycle I weight 180lbs Im 6'4 21 years old and I have been lifting for a few years now just to keep in shape but the last few months been really pumpin hard to get ready for my 1st cycle....
    Let me know guys

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    I'd go with 400mgs of deca and other then that your cycle looks good.

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    I think that maybe 500 might be a lot for your first time, depending on how many cycles youre lookn to do. Start with half then up it. That always makes for an intersting week. If just this one then go for it. Just use caution, Test will do a lot to you mentally and you might not really notice it till your in deep trouble. Take it from me.

    The Deca I would go with 400 though. That amount produced great results for me. I was doing 200 for 5weeks (175lb), which wasnt doing shit, till I upped it to 450 and Bam. Hit the weights the next day and I couldnt believe what I saw. great strength and vascularity and an overall great demeanor.

    I would leave the dbol out IMO. Just be patient. It caused more problems for me than it was worth. It was allso **(underground lab) so F that crap. Others will tell you diff. I just took it for 2 weeks and said enough. It gave me 12 pounds for a little boost though.

    Personaly I like what 400mg of Eq is doing better. Im ending the 5 week and life is good. Im starting to see what all the fuss is about right when I was getting worried.

    Be safe and stay healthy.
    Good luck

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    I would say also say use Eq @ 400mgs a week for 10 weeks.
    But if you wanna go w/ deca bump it to 400 like TT said.
    Your looking to bulk so keep the d-bol.
    Mac why didn't u like the ** 50mg d-bols? I know plenty of ppl that used them w/ great success. It gave you 12lbs in 2 weeks...that's what it's supposed to do bro.

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    I'd say bump Deca to 400mg and I'd suggest throwing in arimidex or liquidex to keep the bloat down. Other than that looks like a well planned cycle.

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    Thats pretty much what my first cycle will look like except i would drop the Dbol and run the Test and Deca for 12wks if you can.Good luck let us know what kind of results you get.

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    Looks good but I agree with using eq for 10 weeks at 400mg over deca . But then again, I like my nuts.

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