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    At the gym=o)

    Will this work? (cycle Q)

    I am trying to put my 3 real cycle together. I was thinking ...

    I am planing on 100 days ( i find it easyer to work in days not weeks)
    100days = 14,28weeks

    Dbol first 35days ed @ 35mg/day = 1225 mg
    EQ 50mg/day 1-100 ( 350mg/w ) = 5000mg
    test cyp 200mg/5day 1-100 (280mg/w ) = 4000mg
    Proviron ed 50mg 1-100.
    clomis post cycle.
    nolva on hand.

    btw, i will eat anything with DNA

    stats 174cm 88kg hope to get to 100kg and keep them.

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    The d-bol is good where it's at.
    I would look to get an Eq that is 200mgs per ml like TT or ** or QV. That way you can take 2 shots twice a week (400mgs)
    Also I would up the cyp to 400 a week or maybe even 600mgs a week.

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