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    Need your advice

    I have been toying with the idea of cycling steroids and would like some advice from people with experience.
    I'm a pretty lean and toned at 145 lbs. and I want to get about 160-170 range. I don't really want to get huge or anything, just some nice mass and stay very lean. I'm also 20 years old. I am actually more interested in the thyroid hormones such as cytomel then the steroids as to keeping my leaness.

    You think cycling is for me or using thyroid hormones or should I just stick to regular sports supplements?

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    I think you should hold off on the roids. When I was 18 I got my diet and exercise correct and put on 27lbs LBM in 9 months. I'd take in about 4500 cal/day, with the majority protein supplements. At the end of the 9 months, I was still at 6% BF. I would also hold off on the thyroid hormones. Bulk up first, worry about cutting when you have some mass.

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    i 2nd that opinion, i dont think you know enough yet or have maximized your natural potential (just like mastif said)...keep with a good diet, training, and if your that concerned about staying lean while putting on lbm do some cardio, thyroid hormone definately isn't what you want being that its not your best friend for sparing lbm...good luck

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    Thanks for the advice guys, a couple other questions.
    I have some experince in the sports supplement field. I was thinking of using this program

    MHP T-Bomb Testosterone
    MHP's HGH Stimulator
    I usually do Met-rx's MRP good amount of protein and I can easily tolerate the taste.
    Never really used a lot of creatine in my time, but when I did it was Met-rx. Wondering if you can recommend a good one.

    If you have any other suggestions on what use I'd appreciate it. Thanks again guys.

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    Don't bother using any supplements except Weight Gainers, Protein Powders, Multi-Vitamins, ECA stacks and maybe creatine, glutamine, and other amino acids. If you have joint problems, Glucosamine/Condroitan is also good. And of course once you're on steroids , liver protectors.

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