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    Getting a 6pack, lost weight now got extra skin, help..

    Im not fat, but had a 'beer belly' or a 'lifters belly'.. I just starting doing sit ups constinly, and been dieting really good. Now I lost the inches in my waist, but it seems like I got extra skin and thats preventing me from getting a perfect 6 pack? What can I do about that extra skin, theres not alot, but I dont want it or need it.. Will it just go away if I still diet?? Or will I have to make my abs huge to fill in the skin so I can have a ripped 6pack???

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    sometimes it'll go away with time, but that skin has grown to accomodate excress weight/calories, and now all that is gone and its just sitting there...its a tough situation...bump

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    do a loose skin search this question has been asked more then a few times

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