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    running low on funds, help me on this cycle

    this is what im wanting to run for this ten week cycle
    anadrol 50-100mg ed weeks1-3
    test enth weeks 3-10
    equipose weeks 3-10
    The reason im running them weeks 3-10 is because im broke. I want ot use the abombs to jump start my growth for the longer lasting gear. is it ok if i run it like this. THanks fellas

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    It defeats the purpose of using the anadrol if you don't start the test enanthate with it. Seven weeks isn't long enough to see much on EQ. I know money is tight but you should get more gear. By the way what dosages were you going to run on the test and EQ.

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    Bro the reason you use the anadrol is to kick start the cycle since it takes 3-5 weeks to feel the test. If you want to start the test later, than switch to prop.

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