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    im gonna do deca/eq/enan cycle

    Ive seen the results from a bro i know real good but he mixed tt dbols in it. Im gonna do a similar cycle but it looks like this and before I hear pros and cons to this cycle, i know most of them and dont believe the cons that everyone else says about mixing deca and eq in the same cycle. Im gonna try to prove that it is beneficial to mix them together wiith enan.. I hope..hehe. but I will let ya know after Im finished with it; Heres what the cycle looks like
    TT deca 300mg/wk wk-1-10
    TT EQ 400mg/wk wk 1-16
    Enan 400mg/wk wk 1-16

    Now I have heard that a long cycle can permantly shut off natural test but just wanted opinions on this cause the reason i made this cycle long was cause i done a silimilar cycle such as this one but felt that the eq didnt kick in good till towards the end of the cycle which was a 13 week cycle. it was a13 week cycle cause wk 10-13 i had winny in it. I have no hcg so this may be stupid but you think it would be ok to run a clomids 300/100/50 in the middle of this cycle and of course run it at the end? Thankx
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    I don't think running the Clomid mid-cycle will do you any good, I'd advise to get some HCG instead. I have heard good things about Deca /EQ stacked together, but I haven't seen many details about the benefits of stacking the two anywhere.

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    I don't see anything wrong with stacking the two. You may take a little time to recover but I don't think you will get any real benefit from clomid midcycle. Let us know how it goes.

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    Ill keep ya updated thanx. I kinda of had a feeling running clomids wasnt gonna do anything to help but thought I would ask in case anyone has done that.

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