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    Need advice on Raising my test intake

    I am currently in a dbol , deca test cycle. I am in my 5th week out of 10 and i am taking 200mg of deca and 250mg of testiviron 250 a week. I have seen some gains, its pretty much my first full cycle, but i wanted to know if i started adding 100 extra mgs a week of prop test, which i have saved for another cycle, that by the time i end my cycle there will be more significant gains, or is it a waist of time concidering i hadn't done it in the first half of my cycle. Should i just stick to what i'm doing now or raise the test, thanx a lot bros

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    We are going to need more info on you first before anyone even begins to try to help you. We need your current stats, what have you gained so far, how experienced are you. In any case I don't think it would be a good idea to add the prop in there like you want to.

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    imo, its a waste and a pain in the ass, to make the prop somewhat beneficial you neee EOD injections if not ED injections (ed is optimal), your already taking enough for a begining cycle and prop is usually administered during the begining of a cycle to front load, hope this helps...good luck

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