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    question about nandrolone and a torn tendon....guys I really need some advise!!!

    I was planning on starting my 2nd cycle right about now, but I tore a tendon in my shoulder a couple weeks ago. Now, I can't do a damn thing for chest or shoulders, and I have to be really careful when I do bis and tris. I'm really anxious to get going with my cycle, but I understand that I have to get this healed before I get started. I am considering using nandrolone to help this heal, and I really need some advise as far as how to do this. I have access to nandrolone decanoate, and also nandrolone phenylpropionate, a "fast-acting deca ". I have never used any kind of nandrolone before, but I figure the fast acting one would be best for getting my shoulder healed as quickly as possible. I'm planning on using deca in my upcoming cycle, but I really don't want to start the actual cycle until I'm back in top form so I can really get the most out of it. What I've got in mind is something like this: maybe I can use about 200mg of the fast acting deca by itself for about 3 weeks. Do you think this would help me heal pretty quickly? Also, would that shut me down enough that I would need clomid, or could I just do the deca by itself and then take another 3 weeks off and then start my real cycle? Thanks to everyone with the patience to read through all of this, and your advise would be greatly appreciated.

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    You may need a corticosteroid as an anti inflamatory to heal faster... which raises cortisol levels and appetite - not good. It also requires a long taper down time...

    I would be interested in hearing about this too.

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    Let the tendon heal then do your cycle. The pain you'll feel will more than likely stop you from most upper body workouts and you'll end up doing more damage and take longer to heal! AS won't make tendons heal faster, decas good for nitrogen retention which helps MUSCLES utilize protein more efficiently than normal. Patients bro than hit the weights and you'll do alot better.

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    Only thing I've seen that helps tendon healing other than what Warrior suggested is HGH therapy.

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    Only thing I've seen that helps tendon healing other than what Warrior suggested is HGH therapy

    I second that. HGH promotes tendon and ligament growth.

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