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Thread: Second Cycle

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    Second Cycle

    Hey i've been on this site for a couple of months now, but this is my first time posting a thread. I'm 18 years old, been working out for roughly 5 and a half years, currenty 5 11, 190 lbs, under 11% body fat, and benching 315 for 2 reps. I just finished a 7 weeks pyramid cycle of t-200 on 8/29/02.


    I was 175 before, and gained 20 lbs, but lost 5 in water weight. I'm about to start another cycle in december before my spring break trip, and am looking to be around 210 - 215. I was wondering how does this sound for a second cycle, and is this enough time to wait before starting another cycle.

    Week 1-10 - test enathate (250/50ml) @ 500mg/wk
    Week 1-10 - eq @ 400mg/wk
    Week 1-10 - have more than enough fina but undecided about how
    to use and how often.
    Post cyclye - clomid and arimidex but also unsure on how much is
    needed, and how often to take.

    If any veterans can help me on how to combine the fina and clomid into my cycle it will be greatly appreciated, and how this sounds for a second cycle.

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    I wouldn't recommend using Fina in a second cycle, Test/EQ will put enough quality mass on you. Run your Clomid 300mg day 1, 100mg days 2-10, 50mg days 11-21. Arimidex you should run ED @ 0.25mg/day should probably keep down the bloat if you are not sensitive to it, but I know some people who go up to 1mg/day since they are more sensitive.

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    Frontload the test and the Eq for the first 2 weeks.
    I wouldn't recomend Fina either on a second cycle either.
    I would look to add Winny at the end of this cycle....

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