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    Tear apart my next cutting cycle

    Hey bro's and broettes,

    My second cycle is just about due and its gonna be a cutting cycle. My first cycle was a pretty mean one, but loved every minute of it! This is what im thinking:

    Weeks 1-3: T3
    Weeks 4-5: Clen
    Week 6: ECA
    Weeks 7-9: T3
    Weeks 10-11: Clen
    Weeks 12-16: ECA
    Weeks 1-5: Var @ 40mg ED
    Weeks 1-10: EQ @ 600mg
    Weeks 1-12: Test Prop/Susp @ 100mg ED
    Weeks 1-12: Fina @ 100mg ED
    Weeks 8-12: Winny @ 100mg ED
    Weeks 1-11: Arimidex @ .5mg ED
    Weeks 1-12: Provirion @ 25mg-50mg ED
    Weeks 12-14: HCG
    Weeks 12-16: Nolva @ 20mg ED
    Weeks 13-16: Clomid
    Plus Weekly or Bi Monthly 3-day DNP Blitzes

    Either this looks way too complicated or just explained very thoroughly! Lemme get your thoughts.

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    all i can say is WOW. if that don't do it i don't know what will.

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    lol, if u live thru it, youll be ripped, lol... thats a pretty expenisive cycle too, have fun.... looks good tho, im a little nervous about dnp but im sure ill try it eventually, lol... good luck


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    Its actually not as much as it looks! I just felt the need to go down to the details of how im running it. Realyl im doing only 5 different steroids , 4 at any one time! My first cycle looked similar, but instead of Var i used Dbol , and instead of running Fina for 12 weeks i only ran it for 6, and of course I ran lower doses. Also I didnt run any of the Fat burners. Only DNP post cycle. But yea, Im lookin forward to this one.

    Psycho, DNP is the shit! But I WOULD not recommend Blitzes like Im doing, if its your first go round with DNP. What would be best is to test your tolerance on a 1 week cycle. Start at 200mg, and stick with this dose for at least 3 days before moving up in dosages. Stay cool and Hyddrated, and dont over do the DNP and you should be fine.

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