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    clen for post cycle recovery

    Ok I have heard a couple people talk about using clenbuterol for post cycle recovery. I'm wondering if anyone has any first hand expierence with this. What are the benifits. how much per day should I take and when should I start. I took my last shot 750mgs sust on 10/14 and i'm going to start hcg and clomid in 1 and a half weeks. Is clen worth useing for recovery or not and why. I have a few hundred 0.02mg oxyflux clen on hand and want to know if I should toss them in or save them for a cutting cycle later. thanks ddrew.

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    BUMP Id like to know the answer to this too.


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    I did it. Cant really tell you if it did much of anything as far as post cycle recovery goes.

    I did Clomid/Arim/DNP for 4 weeks and 2 weeks worth of Clen post cycle, and lost all my water, plus a weee bit of strength. Since then I switched to Dbol in the AM, Clen (again), and 20mg of Nolva, and all my strength is back to ON levels. The way I did clen was to ramp it up to 120 by day 6 and stuck at 120 for the rest of the 2 weeks.

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