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    Vasectomy Question and when to start


    I am really new to this forum and my research of steroids ..and finding it quite fascinating and very helpful..My issue is this..I have had a vasectomy scheduled in a couple of weeks, I havent done any cycles yet, is there any precautions i need to take after the vasectomy as to how much time i should wait for roids?? I mean considering i follow all the steps to make sure the procedure made me sterile...Or a specific drug to help me bridge the transition between having a vasectomy?? Or ideas of supplements..Is there any specific steroids i would avoid cause i am snipped?? If you guys can ask a medical doctor, or know one...cause i am sure not gonna admit this to my doctor!! lol

    Those that have had vasectomies while on a cycle i am really curious to hear from!!

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    I don't think it's gonna matter if you get snipped or not but I'm not a Dr.
    All a vasectomy does really is cut off the supply of sperm. I don't see how it would affect your test production.
    I would ask your Dr just to make sure....

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    It shouldn't make any difference at all whether you have a vasectomy or not.

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    Here's one precaution for you after the vasectomy. Be careful when having sex right after the operation. Trust me on this one, I know from experience. The wife and I decided to get roudy about 2 weeks after, she got on top and soon after I felt a little twinge (hurt just a little) no biggy right...WRONG...It was about 10 hrs later when it felt like something was pinching my ball hard enough to make me double over every 5-10 minutes. Within a few hrs there was a swelling in there the size of another nut and it hurt like hell.
    To make a long story short I damaged one of the severed tubes and it was bleeding, but because the end was tied off it swelled like a balloon. NOT comfortable to say the least. It went away after a couple weeks and everything was good, so anyway just take it easy like they say or you might regret it. Sorry about the horror story, I'm sure you have heard a thousand already, I just had to let it out maaannn.


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