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    american steroids

    hi, i am pretty sure i can get some american steroids from a vet from where i live. i was wondering what yall would do. would yall get them from mexico or get the american steroids. i believe it is upjohn that the vet sells. also does upjohn have winny,eq, or maybe deca and how would yall rate there products compared to mexican steroids. any help is appreciated.

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    I'd go American made if I could.


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    I would also go with the american. upjohn makes the winny and used to make deca . the winny is suppossed to be tops. I herd that they quit making the deca though and I am not sure about the eq.

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    I'm in here with the rest of YOU!
    Personally Ill try what ever I can get my hands on.

    Ive only used NON-American products, You will get results from both.

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