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Thread: Parabolan

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    I was to start my winni cycle yesterday, but then I friend of mine wanted to sell me parabolan . And now I can't decide, should I sell my winni and go for parabolan instead?
    It's my first cycle and I want to gain quality muscle mass, and be able to keep most of it.

    I've heard that parabolan should be the badest ass around, is this true?

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    Parabolan is a great of the best out there. The problem is that they have not manufactured it for MANY years and 90% (or more) of the parabolan out there is fake. I honestly do not feel yopu should take the chance, even if your friend believes it's real it is likely that he has fake stuff as well. Even if what he is selling produces results, the likelihood in that case is that what he is elling is tren labeled as para (very common as the two drugs are similarly structured. JMO but I say stick with the winstrol .

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    i would say do neither.parabolan most likely fake and winstrol by itself=dissapointment. winny works great with some cheap test though

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    i agree with Pete and babi.... don't buy the parabolon [ unless you know for sure it's the real thing ]... keep the winny, until you find something else to cycle with.

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