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    How Does The Furture Of Aas Look???

    Do you think that steroids will continue to get better, or do you think that a better hormone will take the place of AAS???

    Just curious...the future I mean 10 to 20 years down the road.

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    well as a chemist i can tell you that i really doubt that AS will undergo a radical change. The problem isnt that they cant, but that no companies will do the work. To wit: it takes about 10 years and 300 million dollars to bring a new pharmacuetical to market. This means to make a profit you need more than 300mil. It just wont happen with low volume, low margin products like human AS. The vetrinary market could drive it as the costs arent so high, but who cares if a beef cow or chicken has liver damage from orals or too much test?

    These things being said. With the new research being done on the shape of the binding pockets for test, it is likely that somebody will rationally design a new compound for improved binding. This will be for research purposes however, where it goes from there who knows?

    Personally, one idea Id like to work on (must get funding first) is alternate protection chemistries for the 17 alpha carbon. The chemistry seems simple, but nobody does it as The chemists dont know, and the biochemists dont care, and nobody will fund the work. Replacing the 17 alpha methyl group with an acid chloride might work and be less toxic, for example.

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