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    How much cardio?

    I have to decided to run winny the last four weeks of my cycle and it now looks like this:
    Currently on week 8 of cycle.
    week 1-4 dbol 30mg/ed
    week 1-10 deca 300mg/w
    week 1-10 test 300mg/w
    week 9-13 winny 50mg/eod
    Start clomid day after last winny inject

    How much cardio should I do while on the winny and how many calories should i take in a day to help lose some of the excess fat i have gained? Also, is it worth shooting the winny or should i just drink it?


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    300mg of test sounds like notihng to me, if i were you id re think that. as for cardio if im trying to shred i do as much as possible then again i do take test along with my winy so im not burning off any good mass.

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    need more infor bro, bf%, stats, training experience, cycle experience, weight, height, etc...give as much info as possible...and i personally would drink the winny, shit hurts like hell to inject and its doing the same thing initially...

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    totally agree with winny pain factor doing that sh*t everyday is a bitch after a while u run out places to poke urself that arnt killing

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