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    juice and babies

    some1 wanted to know about AAS and its effect on male fertility. i dug this up for u hope it helps.

    LONDON (AP) Weekly injections of testosterone reduce the sperm
    count of almost all men to below the threshold needed for
    conception, according to a study published today by the World
    Health Organization.
    The 2 1/2-year study of 399 couples in nine countries found that
    the injections were an effective contraceptive for 98.6 percent,
    according to the report in Fertility and Sterility, the journal of
    the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.
    Testosterone was already known to inhibit the production of
    pituitary signals which normally instruct the testes to produce
    The men, aged 21 to 45, were all normal, healthy, fertile and in
    stable relationships. They received weekly testosterone shots in
    the buttocks.
    There were only four pregnancies among the study couples during
    the test period.
    Another result of the study was discovering the sperm threshold
    necessary for contraception, according to Fred Wu, a senior
    lecturer in endocrinology at Manchester University who supervised
    the monitoring of 72 British couples.
    Earlier research had shown that testosterone injections would
    virtually eliminate sperm production in 60 percent of men tested.
    The problem was in inhibiting contraception among men whose sperm
    level was lowered, but not wiped out, by testosterone injections.
    The study showed that a sperm count of less than three million
    was enough to guarantee no conception. That threshold was met by a
    further 38.6 percent of the men bringing effectiveness to 98.6
    ``Previously we did not know what the effective threshold below
    which there will not be conception,'' Wu said. ``This means the
    vast majority of men can use it.''
    He said it was still not known why the injections were not
    efective in some men.
    One American expert said the study may point to a breakthrough
    in contraceptive techniques.
    ``It would seem a strong indication that male hormone given by
    injection could be an effective contraceptive, the only drawback
    being the painful method,'' said Richard Sherins, the director of
    andrology at the Genetics and IVF Institute in Fairfax, Va.
    ``It would show that testosterone, like estrogen in a female,
    can be an additional method of reproduction control,'' he said.
    Wu estimated it could be between five and eight years before a
    better technique of administering the method was perfected.
    ``It is a painful injection in the buttock. But we believe we
    cam improve on that with long-acting injections, tablets, patches
    and even pellet implants,'' Wu said.
    The seven other participating countries, aside from Britain and
    the United States, were Australia, China, Sweden, France, Hungary,
    Singapore and Thailand.
    The American tests were carried under the auspices of scientists
    at the University of Washington in Seattle UCLA-Torrance.

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    "The results of a multi-center clinical trial with testosterone enanthate were published in late 1990. This study focused on couples where the male achieved azoospermia during testosterone administration. In this 10-center trial, it was clear that weekly injections of testosterone achieved greater efficacy than condom use and approached the efficacy of the oral contraceptive agents used by women. The beauty of using testosterone is that when the injections are stopped, complete recovery of spermatogenesis occurs. Unfortunately, weekly injections of testosterone are unacceptable, except to the most highly motivated couples. Studies in other laboratories have indicated that there is a long-acting preparation that should be available to clinical investigators shortly. This would be an analog of testosterone, and a single injection would last for three months. Clearly, progress in male contraceptive development is occurring. "

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    as u can see i just cant get enough of this. this is from a study done by schering teh producers of such fine products as testoviron and proviron .

    It takes about 3 to 5 months for the contraceptive effect to develop. A similar period of time is required for fertility to return again. Moreover, the currently available androgen preparations have to be administered in very high doses and by injection.

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    Originally posted by enhanced

    "The beauty of using testosterone is that when the injections are stopped, complete recovery of spermatogenesis occurs. "
    I was panicking till I saw this part....THANKS BRO I'M RELIEVED!!!!

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    BRo... gear can really fuck with your ability to have babies..... it all depends on your genetics and the gear you take, the dose and the duration.... you have been warned....

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    what they need to do is.....

    start giving test to all those skinny white trash motherfuckers banging all those fat skanks on the ricki lake show!!!my taxes are getting too high because of all these jack daniels swigging, tight jeans wearing, mullet sporting fuckers!!!!

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