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    Help Please With Cycle??

    Hey guys,

    Listen, I have three choices on my hands for my cycle. I'm doing 4wk of D-bol for the and running a test with it.
    What out of these would be best and less painful. Test Enathate, Test Cytp or Ormadan 250?? Also the Enathate is primoteston from egipt. I heard that that stuff is pretty dirty and doesn't heave to many results??

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    If you are worried about the primotestin, and don't mind the bloat, go with cyp. Omna is sust and will be more painful than the other two. If it was me, I probably choose primotestin, sust, cyp in that order.

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    primoteston isnt dirty and actually very good, its test enth, which is almost the same drug as test cyp, youll bloat on either of them, but thats expected from a test cycle, especially if your using dbol in it! and theres ways around bloat like arimedex, oma is sust, the bloat wont be as noticable, but there will be alittle soreness in the injection site....all 3 IMO are all good choices...but if pain is the deciding factor in your choice you might wanna rule out the omadren.

    ps...i hope your running the test alot longer then the dbol

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