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Thread: ECA Stack

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    ECA Stack

    Hey guys what do you consider the best ECA stack to be? I "NutraSport ECA Stack" any good or do you think ripped fuel is better? I actually have diet fuel which is basically ripped fuel with a few more things added. Course with ripped fuel you would have to add asprin. I plan on doing a 2 week clen /2 week ECA at the end of my first cycle.


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    I would go but ephedrin by its self and caffein by its self and the aspirin by its self, because you can self dose the amount you want to take, and you do get any of that crappy herbal substutes like white willow bark. probably be cheeper too

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    Where can one find ephedrine by itself?

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    i have to say i like the original ECA stack.ephidren,caffine,asprin taken can adjust the dose as needed.i like to do the stack in the AM and drop the caffine for the later day dose.i can do without the jitters later in the day.i really dont feel im losing anything by dropping the caffine for the second dose as i drink enough coffee to stimulate an army

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