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    gh and cytomel is this real effect.

    I heard the usage of gh and cytomel /clen when combined are massive. What I heard is you will loose 6 to 7% bf in 1 month, is this true? you dont need to do much cardio or much diet adjustment. anyone that has done this cycle have any proof of this. plus I orederd some cytomel from Austria it took 8 weeks to get to me. Is this usual time it takes? man it took long!

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    GH does promote fat loss with minimal to no exercise, but I don't think you're gonna get rid of 6-7% in one month even with T3. Only thing that I can think of that may do 6-7 in one month is DNP .

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    Well I did HGH, clen , and small amounts of t 3, and it was not a miracle! I didn't have much fat to loose, but i WANTED BIGGER MUSCLES and to loose some little fat I had. Look for my post in the over 30 forum - before and after HGH. And Yes I followed and still do a pretty reasonable diet.

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