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    Short/Fast Cycle (6-7 wks) Tips?

    I am on my first cycle. My goal is to maximize my lean body mass gains, increase muscle harndess and strength with minimal side effects (e.g water retention, liver, etc). Ideally I want to see some quick results - I only have 7 weeks left. I have read somewhere there is a stack/drug combo that actors/models use with high effectiveness to this end. Anyone familiar with something like that?

    I have been running Deca (200mg/wk)+Andriol (240mg/day)+ Anavar (30mg/day) for 3 weeks now. I am not seeing much change in size or strength so looking to boost this "mild" cycle. I reccently added 250mg of Test Enth + 200mg Deca (400mg/wk) with my last injection (and dropped the weak Andriol orals). But I dont think this is the right way to go with a short time frame.

    I have read posts suggesting of TestProp (100mg/ed)+EQ(400mg/wk)+Fina (75mg/day. Unfortunately I do not have access to fina/tren . Any aternatives? Do I need anti-estrogens with above.

    Current stats: 40 yrs, 6'4", 215, 12%bf, have been training for many years

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    I'm starting a 6 week cycle in a few weeks. This is what I am plannin on:

    Test prop day 1 300mg, then 75-100mg ed for 6 weeks.
    Femara 1/2 tab ed week 1-8

    Nolvadex on hand in case of gyno, will probably hit it up at the beginning of my cycle with the nolv to get rid of some puffy nips from the last cycle I'm hoping to clear up.

    Clomid post cycle. Prob use some spiro too to prevent hairloss. I have some finastride on hand too.

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    If I was gonna do a 6 weeek cycle I would do prop, tren , and winny... hell i would do prop and tren for 12 weeks and add winny in week 6 LOL, but that is personal preference.

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    Thanks bros. I think i will run with test prop and winny tabs. Cannot get Tren or winny oil at good price right now.

    Will run test prop 100mg/eod, winny 50mg ed. Will this give me good maintainable gains?

    What are the chances of side effects over 7 weeks? Do i need to run nolva up front or wait? clomid at end? or just run nolva?

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    if your doing anadrol , i wouldnt worrie too much about test and winny, just drop the anadrol befor the winny, and plennty of ala, always clomid post cycle, and i would hold off on the nolva till you notice any symtoms of gyno if ever and 100mg/eod might be a little low maybe 125mg/eod would be better, that should be a good gainer and easy to matain, good luck-BOB

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