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    What ya think of my Cutting Cycle??

    Hopefully starting in 2 weeks its my 2nd cycle of Clen and 1st of DNP

    Week 1-2: DNP (11 Days but add 3-4 to get my liver into gear)
    Week 3-5: T3
    Week 6-7: Clen
    Week 8-10: T3
    Week 11-12: Clen
    Week 13-14: EC stack

    What do u guys think?? hopefully i can loose 10lbs with the DNP then another 25-30 lbs if i loose on average 2.5 lbs a u guys think this is possible?

    right now 6'2" 214lbs and @ 17-18% BF
    Goal: 6'2" 185lbs and @ 8-9% BF

    leme know what u guys think also what type of dosage should i be using for the T3?


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    what are your doses going to be?? there is no need to cycle T3 like that. and if you use T3 and clen together withour AAS you ill lose alot of muscle too! if you want to use T3 still use it fr 6 weeks straight, but also use with some test prop at least. you could do somethig like this..........

    first 8 days DNP 200mg ED
    then day 9 we will say will be week 1
    week 1-2 clen 80-100mg ED
    week 3-4 eca stack
    week 5-6 clen 80-100mg ED
    week 7-8 eca stack
    week 9-10 clen 80-100g ED
    week 11-12 eca stack

    and if you want to add T3 lke this...
    week 1-6 T3 (doses listed below)
    week1-6 test prop 100mg EOD

    T3 doses like this, must be pyramided so that you dont messup yor thyroid...
    day 1-3 12.5mg
    day 4-7 25mg
    day 8-12 37.5mg
    day 13-33 50mg
    day 34-38 37.5mg
    day 39-42
    day 43-50 12.5mg

    or something very similar to this, just make sure you pyramid down slowly so that you let your thyroid recover so it can get back on track! Slide!

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    Jet, read up Cycleon's T3 Guide, it'll explain to you why its better to you the taper up time, and stick it at the end of the taper down time.

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