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    Diet during next cycle Questions

    Please help ! I start my second cycle in three weeks. It is 4 weeks d-bol, 10 weeks test enanthate , 10 weeks eq, 6 weeks fina, 6 weeks winnie. it is a 16 weeks cycle in total. What should my diet be like to promote good quality gains ? My first cycle was real small so I really dont know what diet would be optimal during this cycle ? Please help a newer user out. thanks

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    First - get the cycle tuned up. 16 weeks is too long for the gear you're using. Those are too toxic to keep going that long. You can do it but it's highly non-recommended.

    Your age, goals and dosage levels are ???

    Since you're so new to juice try splitting this up into 2 cycles - a bulker and a cutter.

    The bulker: d-bol, enanthate and eq. We need more info to help on the diet. What's your maintenance food intake level? How does your body respond to increases/decreases in your intakes of protein, carbs and fats? Age, weight, goals, experience ...

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