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Thread: Prices

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    If I were to get this gear straight from mexico, about how much would it cost

    Sustannon 5,000mg
    deca durabolin 4,000mg
    Dbol 168tabs or 840mg
    oxandrolene 252 tabs or1,200mg
    winstrol liquid 700mg
    clomid 2,800mg
    Proviron 2,450mg
    nolvadex 980mg

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    BOB HAD BITCH TITS is offline Associate Member
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    i should tell you to search it, but ill be nice and make it easy for you,
    10ml brovel/tornel 25-40 dollars
    10ml of shit denkall400 70-90 dollars
    sus250 6-8 dollars an amp
    d-bol lofler(sp?) 100 25mg tabs 120-150
    human grade d-bol umm i think 50-70 dollars for 150 5mg tabs
    anavar im not shure and the clomid is 20 bucks for 30 50mg tabs
    nolva about 30 for a box i forget how many tabs but their 10mg-BOB

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    Re: Prices

    Sustannon 5,000mg - you can get Organon in any pharmacia for usually 10-15 bucks. just search around, bargain if you have to. i have never seen them for 6-8. or, if you go find a vet, you can get TTokkyo Testanon (5 mL bottle, 2500 mg).

    deca durabolin 4,000mg - i think i paid 80 for a 10 cc bottle of TTokkyo 300 mg / cc

    Dbol 168tabs or 840mg. you could take the Loeffler Ref-B route and a 50 cc bottle @ 25 mg a cc should run you no more than 40

    oxandrolene 252 tabs or1,200mg - couldn't tell ya

    winstrol liquid 700mg - how's 2000 mg, that better ? you can usually find a vet that will carry either the 50 mg or 100 mg strength in a 20 cc bottle. prices wil vary, but this should be your most expensive. i bought two for 150 each.

    clomid 2,800mg - called Omifin, 50 mg pills in a box of 30 sells for around 15, maybe a little higher

    Proviron 2,450mg - couldn't tell ya

    nolvadex 980mg - the 20 mg strength comes in a box of 14. i believe the 10 mg strength comes in a box of 20. i opted to buy the former, and paid roughly 20 bucks. i have my receipt around here somewhere. these can be found. if i can remember correctly, it was 174 pesos.

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    Organon Sust=10 per amp
    brovel t200=25 10ml
    TTokyo Test Ent200=25 10ml
    TTokyo Winstol = 100 20ml
    Nolvegan(nolvadex )=same as what B.H.B.Tits posted
    Clomid=bx of 30/50mg tablets 50cents per tab

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    thanks guys

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