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    sust/primo and running Nolv

    I am currently 3 weeks into an ten week cycle of sust/primo
    I am running low doses-I know that a lot of you senior members will say its not enough, however, I have my reasons. I am 34 years old and want to build some experience and see how I react before I go big time.
    I run 250 m/g Sust per week, with 200m/g of primo.
    I was originally advised by your very helpful board members to run Nolv daily to combat gyno.
    My question is a) with these lower doses do you think i still need to run Nolva to combat gyno, and if so how much, 20m/g daily?-if the answer is yes I will do it without hesitation, no-one wants to risk bitch tits! and id rather be safe than sorry.
    b) if I run nolva along is there a chance that the primo will not be so effective. I have read up and understand that it may effect my gains considerably.
    c) I also read that on the first signs of gyno it is possible to take Nolv and it should clear.

    Please advise, as I am a little confused of all the conflicting info. your experience is much appreciated. I have just started to take the Nolva two days ago(on reading up on your site) but I want to be sure of the pros and cons and what is the best thing to do.

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    Well I agree that first time there is nothing wrong with below average doses to see how your body reacts. Now for your quetions, primo dosent aromatize so you dont have to worry about that, but for the sust all depending you may be able to use 250 a week with no antie and no problems. However if your like me, you may be prone to gyno and should take an anti-aromatize such as proviron or arimidex . The difference between theese and nolva is that they will prevent the formation of estrogen, nolva will compete with the estrogen once it has already formed, specifically targeteting the mammory tissue I believe.

    You need to run an anti-aromatize such as proviron to prevent the aromatization of estrogen and wait to use the nolva until you show the beginning signs of gyno-puffy,itchy,and/or burning nipples. If you use just nolva without an anti aromatize youll experience a rebound effect when you discontinue the nolva because nolva only competes for where the estrogen wants to go(estrogen receptors), it dosent do anthing to the estrogen that is making its way there so when you stop the nolva there will be a flood of estrogen that was hanging around and now there is nothing that is competing with it so it makes its attack. This is why if you use nolvadex , you must use proviron because nolva is only doing half the job.

    As for the 20mg a day hindering your gains I wouldnt woory too much but you can fix that by using proviron instead which wont hinder gains and hold on to the nolva unless you show signs of gyno. And yes nolva will stop gyno from forming if used at first signs because the nolva directly attacks the mammory tissue. Hope I put you in the right direction, you need to get some proviron, run it at 25 mg a day. If you have problems with your nips at this low of a dose with proviron then you know your gyno prone and must prepare for this every cycle.

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    Re: sust/primo and running Nolv

    Originally posted by euroman
    I am 34 years old and want to build some experience and see how I react before I go big time.
    Very smart position to take. You just may discover you can grow on very low dosages like me. I went from 229 ->251 on my first cycle of 1cc Omnadren per week.

    I would drop the Nolva and only use it if you develop gyno symptoms. Like jamotech said, Primo won't aromatize so the only thing you have to worry about is the Sustanon . Unless you are severely prone, I wouldn't be concerned.

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