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    Add test500mg/w to eq and winny???

    I just want lean keepable mass, solidness... Planing on 400mg eq for 10weeks, and 100mg eod of winny, for weeks 7-12....Now what are my pros and cons on adding test enathate for weeks 1-10??? The reason why I dont want it is because of the extra sides, and turning off my natural test producing harder then if I didnt take it... Also I just want to add 10lbs of solid hard muscle, and the test may add some water.. I want least amount of sides, (pimples, hairloss, body hair, and errections)..thanks

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    yah, test500 definately going to hurt the hpta, but so is the eq so whatever...500mg test is not a small dose either, you can expect some sides, nothing superior, but everyone reacts differently...i personally wouldn't do it in a hardening/cutting cycle, but if you decide to, maybe throw in some anastrozole to keep the water down, im taking 750 test enant a week right now with 600mg eq and i have hardly any water/bloat thanks to adex...hope this helps good luck

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