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    Serious Question Regarding Sust.

    I posted this a while back with no reply, please help a serious and justified questio need some experienced opinions. Thanks.
    I am currently 3 weeks into an ten week cycle of sust/primo
    I am running low doses-I know that a lot of you senior members will say its not enough, however, I have my reasons. I am 34 years old and want to build some experience and see how I react before I go big time.
    I run 250 m/g Sust per week, with 200m/g of primo.
    I understand it is common practice when using sust to run Nolv daily to combat gyno.
    a) with these lower doses do you think i still need to run Nolva daily to combat gyno, and if so how much, 20m/g daily?-if the answer is yes I will do it without hesitation, no-one wants to risk bitch tits! and id rather be safe than sorry.
    b)If the answer is yes and I run nolva alongside is there a chance that the primo will not be so effective. I have read up and understand that it may effect my gains considerably.
    c) I also read that on the first signs of gyno it is possible to take Nolv and it should clear. Is this asafe alternative?

    Please advise, as I am a little confused of all the conflicting info. your experience is much appreciated. I have just started to take the Nolva two days ago(on reading up on your site) but I want to be sure of the pros and cons and what is the best thing to do.

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    Here's my expericance, Running Nolva through a cycle is nearly worthless. Just run .25mg of armidex ED. It will keep bloat down. There are mixed opinions about running an anti-e through your cycle. I personally don't and I'm on 750MG sust. a week. Bloating isn't that bad at all, i just cant wear my wedding ring. Keep nolva on hand in case symtoms appear. At such low doses, you probably don't even need to worry unless you are genetically prone to have bitch tits.

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    IMO its a good idea to run 20mgs of Nolv throughout most cycles. It doesnt hinder gains enough to make a difference and why not be safe then gyno sorry? I ran it with great results! But two things with ur cycle. 250mgs of Sust per week is not enough. Sust needs to be run eod in order to get the most out of the short and long esters in it. Once a week is just a waste or run test enanth which has a longer acting ester. JMO.


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    at those doses I doubt you will need it - primo wont cause bloating in any case - arimdex or femara is probably better for bloating. Nolva for gyno that is already active.

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