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    Another Sust/cycle question

    Okay i have a few buddies that bought Sust 400 & primo from someone they know. Well i had never heard of sust 400 but they also have a bottle labeled Sust 300 they are trying to sell to me. Just wanted to know if they were legit. I couldnt find any pictures of the bottles, but they Sust 400 is a little brown bottle that says Test 400 on the label. And they Sust 300 is a small clear bottle that appears to have a medical lable on it that says sust 300.
    Also this large gentlemen has my frnds running a cycle that appears to be a pyramid. They wanted me to start with them...but from all my research i didnt feel comfortable....heres how it goes, let me know what i should tell my frnds.
    Week1: Sust
    sun: 1/2 cc
    wed: 1/2 cc

    sun: 1/2 cc
    wed 1/2 cc primo

    week3: sus
    sun: 1cc
    wed: 1cc

    week4: sus
    sun 1 1/4cc
    wed 1 1/4 cc

    week5: sus/primo
    sun 1cc sus
    wens 1 cc primo

    week6 sus/primo
    sun 1 cc sus
    wed 1.5 cc primo

    week7 sus/primo
    sun 1.5 cc sus
    wed 1.5 primo

    week8 sus/primo
    sun 2 cc primo
    wed 1/2 sus

    week9 sus/primo
    sun 1 1/4 primo
    wed 1 1/4 primo

    week 10 sus/primo
    sun 1 primo
    wd 1/2 cc primo

    week 11 1/2 cc primo
    * Take one clomid for 24 days after last shot.
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    I have never heard of 400mg/ml sust. Perhaps its T400 (which I have heard hurts like a motherfucker). I've heard of 250mg/ml Sust, 300mg/ml Sust and then underground 600mg/ml Sust and 700mg/ml Sust.

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    Thats probably what it is...cuz like is said the lable says Test 400 on it....thanks nj.....
    So are there any thoughts on how it's being stacked & cycled. I know that pyramiding isnt necessary but this dude is pretty big guy and seems to know what he's doing.
    Also how could i incorporate eq into the stack...or is it even needed. Should i just run 300 mg ew for 10wks?

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