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    Liquid Dianabol?

    Whats up all? I am starting to venture out from the supplement forums an into the real forums. I have been shopping around lately and a little bird told me about liquid d-bol. I did a search on it and didn't come up with much.

    I know this so far...
    It exists.
    You can drink it.
    It is still 17aa or whatever.

    I was wondering if anyone has used it and how did you like it? Any different from the orals? I was also told that breakouts are not as common witht the liquid? Fakes? etc. etc.
    Any and all help would be greatly appreciated...


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    I heard from some people that it is dirty as fuck and they got pretty sick off of it. Might have just been a bad batch though. I still advocate the tabs over the liquid though.

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    Loeffler Reforvit-B, comes 25 mg a cc, in a 50 cc jug

    I've used it before, had no problems.

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    Yes its Reforvit B by Loeffler labs......It is good stuff. I have used it in 3 cycles and never had anykind of sickness or any bad side effects. You can drink it and i WOULD reccomend it because it is a lil dirty and can cause painful injections (I know)!! You dont need to run it more than
    4-6 wks because it is 17AA and can be hard on your liver. It is good to jump start your cycle with since it kicks in pretty quick, but you need another steroid in there to go with it because you will lose most all of your gains from a D-bol only cycle.....Try some test Enth with it.
    This is just my info.....i am not a Pro so take it as it is....
    Good luck and good lifting!!!

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    Thanks guys... More info the better. Not ready to commit to it yet. I am just knee-deep in my research, though. Supply and demand. I just want to make sure the supply is legit!

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    I was wandering do you take this liquid dball once a day, twice, or what, I mean whats is the half life same as the pills? Im curious now, b/c someone told me they were using it, but on a weekly basis not daily, but he was complaining that it wasnt doing anything
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    Rev-B done it first cycle with t-200, for first 5 wks. Good gains. . strenght shot up like crazy from the stuff. . .didnt get sick off it!

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