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    buddys first cycle?

    He is either going to do qv test enantato 1cc a week for 10 weeks or 2 cc's a week for ten weeks. i told him i thought 500 mgs would be best give him some input but he is going with a test only cycle for his first which i thought was a great decision! he is 6 ft 1in. 218 lbs. 15% bf, and has been lifting and eating right for about three years and is 22

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    400-500 mgs a week is good.His first cycle he could get away with a lower dose (some guys will disagree with me).
    id go with 200 mgs twice a week to keep lvls constant. Make sure he has Anti estrogen and clomid.

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    I agree with Totenkopf on keepin the levels up. IMO, I would say to throw in some EQ 400 mgs a week, weeks 1-10, at the same doses to keep the levels up. The EQ should help him keep his gains.

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