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Thread: Help with cycle

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    Help with cycle

    this will be my fourth cycle that i have done. i am 6' 170 lbs. my last cycle i peaked at 187lbs. I think i have enough gear for two cycles. One to bulk up a little and then one to cut up in the spring. I am only looking to put on about 20 lbs. this is a list of what i have....

    1. D-bol (200 tabs of 5mg and 30 tabs of 25mg)
    2. 24 amps of Sustenon 250 (i would rather have test-enanthate , but couldn't get any. I have used sustenon before and I like the results i got)
    3. 2 bottles of Tren (10cc's each x 200mg) the guy i got it from said it was 200 mg but i think it may only be 100mg
    4. Test-propionate (20ccx50mg)
    5. 29 amps of Winstrol -V 50mg
    6. clomid
    7. nolvadex
    8. clenbuterol

    this is what i was thinking for the bulking cycle (it will only be 8 weeks. I would prefer to do 10 weeks but don't think i have enough)
    1. D-bol (30mg ed for weeks 1-6)
    2. sustenon 250 (750mg week on mon, wed, fri) weeks 1-8
    3. Tren (100mg or 200mg eod) weeks 1-8 (i may need to use this in the cutting cycle
    4. Propionate (50mg eod weeks 2-8)

    Cutting cycle
    1. Winstrol (50mg eod)
    2. Tren???
    3. Propionate???
    4. Clenbuterol
    I don't know what I should take with the winstrol...I have 2 bottles of tren. I could use one of them in the bulking cycle and maybe one in the cutting cylce. This isn't what I wish I really had, but it's the only thing i coud get right now. I wish I had some equipoise for the bulking cycle but couldn't find any. I would appreciate any help or suggestions anyone could give me. Thanks!

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    That looks good. The only thing I would change is to take the tren out of the bulking cycle and throw it in the cutting. I think you would be happier with the results. Prop in the cutting is up for debate and up to you and money concerns. I do not think you need it though.

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    I would drop the Prop from the bulking cycle, there is already prop content in Sust. No need for extra prop. As for the tren it can be used for either bulking/cutting, you're gonna need more gear to do two properly structured bulking/cutting cycles but if this is all you have its your call on whether to bulk with it or cut with it. Have you ever used tren before and if so, was it in a bulking or a cutting cycle?

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    no...i have never used tren before. Not real sure what to expect. I really wish i had some equipoise to put in with the bulking cycle. Thanks!!!

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