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    To Deca or not to Deca that is the question

    My first recent cycle was deca /d-bol and after I figured out that wasn't going to be enough I added sustenon (at week 5).

    I started to notice roundness to my nipples area around week 7 and decided it just had to be deca gyno and stopped the deca. I did nolva for 3 weeks or so and the roundness either subsided or I got used to seeing it. If I remember correctly the roundness didn't really go away until all the juice was out of my system - I stopped the deca at week 7 and kept going on just the sustenon at 250mg/wk thru week 12. It was around weeks 16 and 17 before the roundness really went away (taking Nolva).

    I had a little roundness there to start with. I've always had a puffy nipple look. My body stores fat around my nipples. The women in my family have huge tits so i'm guessing i've got alot of receptors there. There is a hard disk about the size of a quarter under each of my nipples. It's been there for my entire adult life.

    I'm starting to wonder if I really did get deca gyno. No itching or burning in the nipples. Just an increase in the size of the stuff around the nipples. I cannot say for sure that all of that size came from fat deposits nor can I say with certainty that it came from tit growth either.

    Because I have so many joints in my body that crack and pop and get sore when I push hard in the gym it'd be really nice to be able to add deca back to my cycles!!! winnie makes my joints sore - i cannot take it - but if deca were in there i could splash a little winnie down the backside of my cycles too!

    What i'm pondering here is a cycle that would have deca in it - something that I could still salvage the cycle if I decided deca gyno was coming into play. i.e. I don't want the deca to be the backbone of the cycle.

    I want to eventually use deca to run clean mass cycles: deca/Eq/win or deca/primo/win. I'm running a mass cycle right now of sus/eq - it would be a better cycle if it were sus/deca/eq.

    Even if I do get deca gyno - that was 500mg/wk and I didn't notice anything until week 7, would some lower dosage like say 300mg/wk for 10 weeks be a bad idea?

    I'm leaning towards sus/eq/deca. My current cycle is sus 435mg/wk and eq 500mg/wk. It's a good cycle. Next cycle I could see myself sticking: sus 350mg/wk, eq 350mg/wk and deca 300mg/wk and getting a better cycle than this one. If the deca gyno starts to emerge I could always bump up the sustenon or maybe throw in some anavar or winstrol ??? It wouldn't do much good to bump up the eq since it takes so damn long for that to really make a difference.

    Another possible cycle is eq/deca/winnie (or anavar), a clean mass cycle. I would kick in the anavar at week 7 so by then i'd know whether i'm getting deca gyno or not and if I am and I stop the deca i've at least got some anavar kicking in the fill the gap.

    Ideas on this? Anyone with deca gyno ever tried ways around it? Anyone with gyno from anything like to comment on my deca gyno theory? Help me get the next cycle planned out guys.

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    i dont think it was the deca , i think it was the sust, you said you took the deca out and added nolva with the sust and the symptoms began to disappear, the nolva wouldn't help the deca gyno anyways because deca gyno is caused by progesterone not estrogen so the nolva fighting for those estrogen receptors wouldn't do any good. the only thing i know to combat deca/fina gyno is the bromocriptine...i would have a longer response but i need to get back to work, good luck and i hope this gives some insight...

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    i doubt deca did that either sounds like you let your diet slip when you added the test -ive thought the same when ive started packing it on.

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    Winstrol acts as a progesterone inhibitor. I always run Winny tabs with Deca . I use this combo in shorter cycles and have had no problems at all. Also, Deca keeps the Winny from making the joints sore. I gain on this combo even with a lower cal diet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by proskier
    Winstrol acts as a progesterone inhibitor. I always run Winny tabs with Deca.
    this is an older thread, but i'll add my .02 anyways.........

    ive heard this theory as well...........ive also read that its total b.s. while some swear by it, others say it dosent work.

    i would like to know the minimum dosages of winny that can be run to be effective. not necessarily for lean gains, but just for a preventative measure.

    a little personal experience........i ran a test enan/deca cycle a long while back. i thought the symptoms i was getting were from the deca too, but after i stopped it, the symptoms persisted, and i ended up running 20mg of nolva ed along with my 'dex ed. it turned out it was estro gyno symptoms, not progesterone symptoms.
    when mixing two substances like this, its hard to determine where the problem lies without just doing it, and trying to fix it. i learned from this one. i run deca now with no reservations, but keep my ancilliary doses slightly higher, based on my test dosage.

    peace I4L

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    I'm just going to use deca for my first cycle, should I use anything to prevent gyno from the start?

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    I have never experienced gyno from Deca EVER, it has only been with the addition of D-bol & Boldenone that I get gyno appearing. In my opinion Deca and Gyno don't belong in the same sentence.

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    Is running deca alone stupid?

    I am so confused right now about deca ... I just started it and thought it would be great... Now I am hearing so much bad **** about it! What do I do??? Stop my cycle?

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    What can one expect in results from taking Deca -durabolin ????????????

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    Deca is probably one of the safest of all gear as far as side effects go. Of course when anything is taken in excess you will have problems. Some people are very prone to getting gyno especially with Test but usually not Deca. The only really bad side effect that most people get from deca at moderate amounts is deca-dick. That's why it is always good to take Test with Deca to help combat that problem.

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    Proviron may be the way to go when you are cycling deca . If you are running the B&B stack of Dbol /test/deca, I would add provirion at 25mg/day to keep gyno at bay and keep the libido in working order. If you are prone to mpb though, watch out for the proviron.


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    What is deca -dick?

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    Quote Originally Posted by outerlimits
    What is deca-dick?
    You'll find out real quick if you don't run TEst with Deca .

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    deca dick====lump dick==no sex= your girl will go else where

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    Quote Originally Posted by littlemantc
    deca dick====lump dick==no sex= your girl will go else where
    To me!


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