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    Finishing my firts cycle

    Finishing my first mini-cycle

    Like you read, I am finishing my first juice cycle, it have been a very safe decision not to use high risk dosage.

    I feel great, and happy with the results.

    But now, I want to learn, know.

    How much time, do I have to wait until, I start new different cycle.
    It will depend in what I want to achieve by doing another one, If I want to be a bodybuilder or just to finishing cutting and shredding some more weight.

    Best regard to everyone, do the math’s, research before engaging.

    - Bebo

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    Well bro rule is time on = time off. 10 weeks cycle, 10 weeks off.


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    yup that would be the answer. Lots os differing thoughts about tiome off. However, the safe rule of thumb is the advice your Bro OG gave. You can do some research on it for yourself.

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    Like OG said, time on = time off. Some people count clomid as time on (I regard it as time on), some don't. It varies.

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