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Thread: stressssed out

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    stressssed out

    ok, so its no secret that AS increase aggression, im currently in the second week of eq and found myself becoming extrmely angry today over somthing that i normally would think that i can handle iwth a greater sense of poise and self restraint. i dont know if its the eq or if its just the fact that i have been extremely stressed out lately betwen personal problems and school and work, most likely im thinking it is a combo of both. anyway if this is a sign of things to come in my cycle, im afraid of how i may react to things or act when i add fina in the coming weeks. basically im asking u guys---what do u do to handle stress when ur gear increases agrresion, ims ure theres some guys out there on this board that can relate to me, at least i hope so, i dont think of myself as a raging lunatic, lol, what kind of thigns do u guys do to cope or what lessons have u learned in the past from such incidents. hopefully some of u senior members with more experience and wisdom on such topics can help me out here. in retrospect of what happened today im afraid that this may intifere and cause even more stress in my life if i continue to have these problems during this cycle. this is very unlike me, so im confused about how i shoudl take a previous cycle of eq and winny i noticed some increased aggression only once, but it was about 6 or 7 weeks into the cycle....(there still a poster up covering the hole in my wall, i have yet to fix it, lol) anyway i hope i can get some feedback from otheres on this board i would be interested to hear what u guys have to say.

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    Hey bro, imo its more so the stress ur having then it being the EQ. Two weeks of EQ is not long enough to feel any effects from it. EQ takes between 4 - 6 weeks to get ur levels up to where its effecting u. Think u need to look at the stress ur having and try and find away to channel it into working out. Been working for me.


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    I notice an increased level of aggression and/or less patience overall when on dbol . But after the dbol, I become "normal" again.

    What I just do is take a time out and tell myself it's the gear. I think being consciously aware that gear can increase your level of aggression helps a lot.

    Other things you can do is listen to some mellow music, smoke a j , or have some nice angry sex.

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