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    test ethan and sust

    curious to know if there is pain from test ethan like there is with sust.
    how bout test cyp??
    how bout ** test cyp and ethan

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    The pain in the sust is from the prop content. Enanthate won't be close to as painful although I know people who have had pain from shots (varies on brand). Generally, ** stuff has more BA content than other products so its not surprising for it to hurt. You get what you pay for.

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    like nj said, diff companies have diff additive/BA contents, ** obviously on the high end if you havn't heard...also the qv250 50cc jug is getting some heat lately over painful injection sites...pain from sust isn't just from prop, it has a notable ammount of BA for the most part, good luck

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    I have said on many posts that I love Qv Ent 250. Taking it with sust 250 and yes, every injection of Qv and Sust make my rear end feel like I got kicked by a mule. I recomend no delt injections or other small muscle groups. My roommate and I had two or three days of moderate soreness that was bad enough to effect my workouts. Through the dart in your rear and massage the site thoroughly. It seems to help

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