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Thread: Novice Dosage?

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    Novice Dosage?

    After much research, I have decided to include D-Bol and Deca in my first cycle. I'm still a little unsure about dosage though. The profiles say 25 mg of D-bol ED and 200 mg of Deca /wk at least. I also know that some of the novice cycle examples are full of crap, too. I was just looking for some guidence from those with similiar experience.

    And my stats:
    This will be my 1st cycle, shooting for 12 wks.
    6'2", 190 lbs, +/- 10% bf
    19 yrs. old, but probably won't start for another year or so, though.
    4 years training exp.

    Any help would be appreciated...Thanks!

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    Hey bro, i recommend adding some test in there also. U dont want deca dick doya... Run something like...
    week 1 - 5 35mgs dbol / ed
    week 1 - 10 400mgs deca / x1
    week 1 - 12 500mgs test x1


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    im with OG thats a good cycle.

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    Thanks for the input. The only reason that I was shying away from the test. is that it will be my first cycle. Many of the profiles spout off about saving test. for a later cycle, etc. I'll look into it...


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    hey bro i was initially thinking of doing a cycle like yours (no test) but after months of research and talking to many bro's here at AR i have decided to do 300 mg/week test and deca each .I think those profiles are outdated .test should be in just about every cycle or at least from what i have read .

    good luck bro

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