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    revised cycle plan.....question about dbol & winny together

    Here's my revised cycle plan:
    weeks 1-4 dbol 40mg ed
    weeks 1-11 test enant 500mg/wk
    weeks 1-10 deca 400 mg/wk
    weeks 1-10 eq 600mg/wk ( I want to try eq and deca together)

    Here are my questions:
    1. If I run liquidex at .5mg ed will it help with the bloat from the test, deca, and dbol? I've never used it before.
    2. Assuming I hit ALA and milk thistle, would it be a good idea to throw in maybe 25mg Winny ed for the whole cycle. I figure it might be good to prevent any possible progestrone sides from the deca. I've never used deca, either. I know 10 weeks is a long time for winny, but it's at a low dosage and I'll hit the liver protectants hard. Also, if this is not a good idea, then what should I do to prevent any progestrone sides?

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    1. Yes, liquidex will help the bloat

    2. IMO.. No, it's not a good idea to run Winny for 10 weeks; especially since you are running Dbol 1-4. Besides, from what I've researched this is your 2nd cycle, is it not? So, I'd be cautious as to the amount of AAS you are thinking of throwing into this stack. Also, do a search on bromo in regards to progesterone.

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    he is right bro, give your body a rest from the bols before you start winny, if you do it at all start at week 7 or 8 run it till clomid, and for bloat nothing beets femera, since its costly get some and save it for if you have a date or some thing, take two and noooooo more bloat good luck-BOB

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