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    First timer questions...??

    I have been researching on this website for quite some time. My friend recently offered me some Test Enenthate, and I want to start that and take if for six weeks. Then, my friend back home has some test propriante watiting for me for over christmas break, a six week cycle. Would it be bad to take the cycles right after another. Or should i wait a week or two inbetween. Everyone I ask about this isn't sure weather it is a good idea or not. Some say yes, some say no, my testosterone levels will be too high for too long and it could hurt me. If I could get some advice on some suggestions on how to do it or what is the safest most effective way, please let me know. Thank you.

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    First question is can you get more Enathate ???
    Takes about 4 weeks to kick in.
    The prop needs to be shot 100mgs EOD
    You need more gear
    Do you know about Clomid ???
    What are your stats and what are you looking to do ??

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    first off bro u need to sit and read!read!read !u need to educate your self bro !if u actually do a search u ll be able to awnser your own questions .enenthate is a long acting ester so basicly it will be in your system around the 3 week , so 8 -10 week max is ur best bet !no i would not run them back to back ,that will be 13 weeks straight for a first its too long !the best way is to get something to stack ur enenthate with eq , deca ,or whtever ur looking to achieve ,and do a nice moderate cycle 8-10 weeks .start out witha low moderate dose ,remeber more is not always better also u will see how ur body react to the dose u will be using ,get ur training and diet in checjk and ur good to go!

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    Before you even think about doing a cycle, what are your stats, training experience, age and goals. Also, what does your diet look like?

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    how about just train and be patient man your 17-18 if you wanna fuck your self up do what ever pleases my suggestion is wait wait and wait some more. maybe never at all unless you are able to face the consequences that come along with taken gear.

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