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    My cutting cycle for march

    Hey guy

    Currently I am at the end of my Deca 400/Sust 500 a week cycle compliments of pete and al help. The results are great so far and
    have started to recognize some strength and size gains.
    Since I have to start saving and purchasing for my next (cutting) cycle I was thinking of doing this.

    EQ 400wk 1-10
    Test Cyp 400wk 1-10 (For Fina Dick if any... but test rocks)
    Fina 4-10 75mg ED
    Winny 4-10 50mg ED

    Do you think I should frontload EQ and Test at 1200mg for
    the first two weeks.

    Also my current cycle will run me for 8-10 weeks. If I gain 20lbs
    by 8 I may stop there. Should I wait 8-10 weeks before starting the cycle above?

    Hope you guys can help. Thanks

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    Looks like a well thought out cycle, fina is great but for a second cycle I'm inclined to say stick with the Test, Eq and winny. Front load @ 800mg if you like, not a bad idea as there are no orals to begin with.

    Get some armidex to off-set the water rention and gyno. finish off cycle clen and ECA two weeks on two weeks off to aid fatlos.

    A cutting cycle is 90% diet, get that sorted, and remember eq. will make you hungry which isn't always a good thing.

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    Hi bros, new to this board but not new to roids
    My cutting cykle also starting in march looksa lot like yours with a few differences. I´m not adding test since i don´t like the ugly zits. If i get fina dick i´ll use some viagra.
    my cykle looks like this.

    EQ 100mg eod wk 1-8
    Fina 4-10 75mg ED
    Winny 2-10 50mg ED

    I´m currently doing sus250 deca200 every 3rd day.
    Got 3 weeks left.
    My stats are 195lbs.
    12% bf

    Would like to get opinions on my cutting cykle, does it look ok?
    It´s first time trying eq and fina.

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    I I think 8 weeks on the winny maybe alittle much, but call be over cautious, have some milk thistle on hand. Tren can be fairly harsh aswell so you may want to separate them, start with the Tren and finish with the winny.


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