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    prop test quick question

    whats the life of it again 2 0r 3 days , butif i dont want to shot every two days , what about 100mg every 4 days or even 50 mg every 4 days, im more of a rookie at steriods , have done a cycle or two before.
    but I think I would only need a bit to see some gains. at 6'0 170

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    at most every three days @ 100mg, but you will get much better results with EOD 100mg, with 50mg EOD you aren't getting enough into the system to excede what your body is already producing on its own.

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    Prop should be shot ed or at least eod. I actually starting liking them after a few days. Once you get used to it, it isn't a problem at all.

    If you don't want to do ed injections try using enanthate . Should be a little cheaper too.


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