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    Help! Taking time off during cycle

    Hey everyone! I have a question to ask, I am needing to go out of town for a while and the city I'm going to is in the boonies and has no gym at all, Would it be ok to take 5 days off during my cycle? I'm still going to eat right and get all of my calories, I just won't be able to lift, Please respond asap because its a family emergency and i need to get out the door in a few hours! Thanks everyone!

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    How often do you hit yourself up? (That's the term we use for injecting) What kind of cycle?

    Generally you should be okay bro.

    Try to do some push-ups while you're outta town.

    Good luck with your family situation, hope everything goes okay.

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    i am using 750 sust. 3 a week

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    You'll be OK, eat right and relax, it'll give your body some time to recover, IMO it will not hurt. I had to take a week off in middle of my cycle for the same reason, things worked out OK for me.


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