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    Question Test Cyp Question

    Hey guys my friend came across a deal to get a bottle and a 1/4 of another of test cyp dirt cheap. He never took any gear before but he has been lifting for the past 7yrs. He doesnt have a job right now so its hard for him to spend any money to really gear up, but he was wondering if he took wks 1-4 200mg, wks 5-6 400mg, and 7-10 200mg if it would do anything for him before he bought it. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks

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    Why not just keep the levels at a constant ?

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    I'd run 400mg throughout the cycle. You sure he cant front a bit more cash and buy some more

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    I took a cycle of 200mg Test Cyp for 10 weeks and I put on 12lbs. I am 35 years old so it might depend on how old your friend is. If he is in his 20's I dont think 200mg will be worth it.

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    I've been reading other boards and chatting with people who have had experience with low doses of Testosterone . When I say low dose, I'm refering to doses of 200-300mg. There are other people around, besides me, that have had good results at these levels--look at Destroying Angle's post above.

    If you want supporting info regarding this, click on the little mangnifying glass next to my name and read through posts that I've written/responded to about testosterone and/or do a search on "low dose cycles"

    I would not recommend fluctuating the doses. Changing the doses like that can lead to depression (due to hormone fluctuation). If your friend is not a teenager, AND if he has his nutrition rest and workouts in good shape, then 200mg per week will help him put on weight. If he wants to have a longer cycle than 400mg per week will yeild, then he can drop down to 300mg per week (When using a long lasting test ester like cyp or enan, there's not going to be a big difference between 300mg and 400mg per week).

    With 2 bottles of test with a concentration of 200mg/ml, you can run the following test cycles:

    Weeks 1 - 10 @ 400mg per week
    Weeks 1- 12 @ 300mg per week
    Weeks 13-14 @ 200mg per week
    Weeks 1 - 16 @ 250mg per week

    There has been a lot of chatter about longer cycles lately. Do your research and find out what you think will work for you and/or your friend.

    I already know that 200-300mg per week can yeild good gains based on personal experience, and Destroying Angle just confirmed it in his post above. So I'm guessing that taking 250mg per week over 16 weeks would be enough time and dose to put on a noticible amount of muscle (probably around 10-15 lbs).

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