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    proviron and tren, used at same time?

    ok, i have a good one for someone with some skills!

    if tren is used for a contest prep, can one also use proviron at the same time for hardening as well. now i understand that they are both high androgens, but the proviron is mainly used as an anti-estrogen. can the androgen count be so high that the effects are reversed? like cause you retain water? or would the sides, if any get worse, because of the DHT involved?

    so far, i know that tren is lacking in conversion to estrogen for the most part. so it can be used as a potent anabolic i right? i am still new to the game, but learning fast. just trying to see if both androgens can produce a very ripped, hard, vascular, physique on an already contest prepped body. any help from those in the know would be fan-frickin'-tastic!


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    -- bump for you bro-- although i dont think you'll get more sides from stacking proviron with tren .

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