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    storage of steroids

    i read another thread that said you should store it in a cool dark place, but I was also wondering how long can you store winny and primo depot before it loses its properties. thanks all!

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    They all have dates on them. Typically the gear you buy is somewhere around 6 mos to a year old. It usually loses potency slowly over time but i'd consider it good up until the expiration date on the vial or box (which is usually about 5 years). It really takes decades to lose all of it's strength. But the newer it is the fresher it will be. Use it soon although it won't hurt to store it for a year or two it's just not going to be as fresh as the new stuff.

    Keep your gear in a cool dark place - preferrably the fridge. Yes some boxes say to store at room temperature. But it lasts longer in the fridge. It's like a bottle of ketchup - it doesn'y say "Refrigerate after opening" on the bottle. If you're going to use it up in a few weeks then keeping in the fridge is useless. But if you're going to store it for a year and then eat it you'll be better off to keep it in the fridge. Trust me on that.

    Don't worry about seperation either. It's like sweet iced tea. Have you ever seen the sugar seperate from the tea in the fridge? No. Although you could never get that much sugar to dissolve in cold tea - you have to heat the tea to get it to dissolve - once dissolved it stays that way. It takes heat transfer to convert it back to crystal form. The active ingredients of your gear will not seperate in the fridge.

    At the very least don't store it in a hot place like your car or an outside building that gets hot in the summer.

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