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    need your opinion

    what do you guys think about this cycle:

    weeks 1-10 - 400mg eq/500 mg test enan/100mg primobolan
    weeks 8-11 - winny 50mg ed

    clomid and novla of course

    goals - 10-15 lbs of quality muscle with hardness and cut

    will this be too harsh on the hpta and what kind of mass vs. lean muscle can i expect

    i wanted to do deca instead of eq, but i am a little affraid of it due to what i have read and heard

    i came off of a t-200/eq/winny cycle about 45 days ago and couldn't find clomid and my sex drive is just returning to normal. i just bought some clomid yesterday to get ready for my next cycle in the near future so it will not be a problem again. - SORRY FOR THE LONG POST!

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    looks good i would run the winny a week longer .

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    the 100 mg primo a wk is a waist(not enough)
    primo is a good solididifier for keeping gains!
    if all you have is 4 wks worth of winny and 10 amps of primo you could do somthing like this
    wk 1-10 test enethate 500 mg wk
    wk 1-10 eq 400 mg wk
    wk 10-13 300 mg primo
    wk 9-13 winny 50 mg ed
    primo at 300 mg wk is nice addition to winny for gainskeeping/hardness
    and mild enough not to keep you shut down to hard,so you could probably go into clomid 3 days or so out of the cycle

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    bump ....... sorry guys

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