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Thread: HCG bumps

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    HCG bumps

    It seems to me the best thing for us long-term is to keep the HPTA as healthy as possible. It seems to me that bumps of HCG throughout the cycle is a great idea.

    What's the best approach? I take a vial of Profasi 10000 and mix it up. I take the 27 guage 1cc insulin syringes and suck up 0.1 cc into each of ten pins. I shoot one pin every 2 or 3 days until gone - 3 or 4 weeks. This is at the end of the cycle before clomid/nolva.

    What about mid-cycle? I see where people recommend bumping some in the middle of the cycle. Has anyone paid any attention to the idea of bumping 1000iu once every week the entire cycle? Or bumping 3000iu every 3 weeks across 3 injections? Why is it 5000iu week 5 and then no more until the end of the cycle? Is there some reason for this?

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    I've never used HCG but will be at the end of my current cycle before I start clomid. Clomid just doesn't give me a quick enough boost in test production.

    You have some good questions that I've wondered about too. Hope someone has tried some of your ideas and can give us an opinion based on experience.

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    eh personally i would leave it alone, the hpta is fluxuating bad enough from the roids, why make it up and down even more? i guess you could keep it somewhat constant with the hcg and keep the leydig cells sensitive...but these are all hypothetical data or conclusive studies to back it...nonetheless they raise interesting quesitons...nice post (bump)

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