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    Any Second Cycle Suggestions?

    Hey bros, putting together a second cycle, was looking for some input.

    I'm 6', 200 pounds and looking to put on about 15 solid pounds. My first cycle was 500sust/400deca a week for 8 weeks. I didnt gain much on that first cycle but I also screwed up the diet a bit, I admit.

    Im just looking for some suggestions for a good second cycle. Im thinking dBol for first 4 weeks, then 400test/400 deca . But that's just a thought. Any suggestions or experiences with a good second cycle stack?

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    500mg weeks 1-10 Test Ent/Cyp
    400mg weeks 1-10 Deca
    40mg weeks 1-4 D-bol
    50mg weeks 8-12 Winny
    Clomid weeks 13-15

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    What buff said but leave out the deca and replace it w/ Eq @ 400mgs a week

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